Mama Bear Parenting Philosophy

The Mama Bear Mother Parenting Philosophy is quite simple and can be summed up with one word:


  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Imagination
  • Self-Esteem

It begins with the following life's

The plain fact is, life ain't fair.

It's not fair when you're an adult…and it's certainly not fair when you're in college.

So why the heck are some parents shielding their kids from this plain fact of life?

They are doing their children a total disservice by this coddling.

When you're in the work world, you do not *have* Mommy and Daddy ready to call in the lawyers if your boss fails to give you an A.  You simply have to deal with the situation.

Conversely, if you're a high school kid and your teacher decides to give you a failing grade because you forgot to email in your assignment on time, you take ownership of your actions and deal with it yourself.

The Success Tactics of the Mama Bear Mother involve setting the academic bar as high as your children can possibly achieve.  No more, no less – the key is performing to the very best of one's ability and taking ownership of both the successes *and* the failures.

It continues with

  • Respect the children have for themselves.
  • Respect the children have for the parents.
  • Respect the children have for their surroundings.


Children need to earn their parent's respect…but their parents do *not* have to earn their children's respect.

Just like bosses don't have to earn their employees respect.

When raising the family, there is one central power. 

And that is the parent. 

Not the child.

Make no mistake….It's an awesome responsibility.

  • Parents *must* instill wisdom and respect in their children.
  • Parents *must not* tolerate or accept disrespect or back-talk from their children.
  • Parents *must* be viewed as always having 140% faith and belief in their kids.
  • Boundaries must be set…and adhered to, even if it requires massively painful consequences.

Because that's…what life *is*. 

It's not all sweetness and light, it's not "I'm your bestest buddy even though I'm you're parent."


"I'm going to raise you to the very best of my ability.  And if you choose to hate me for it….I do regret that, but I'm *not* your friend.

I'm *not* your buddy.

I'm far and away *superior*.

I'm your parent."

Then we add a heaping measure of

The world is filled with smart kids who have 4.0 averages.

Yawn will go the college admissions and future employers….big deal indeed when they apply for colleges or employment and find the other 9,492 are also 4.0 academic droids too!

You don't get the edge with just plain smartness.

Instead, you need to have a robust creative Imagination too….to make you stand out, head and shoulders, from the rest of the thundering herd!

It's that special unique edge that compels the most desirable of colleges and employment to say, what's in it for us if we accept or hire this individual?

Indeed…what *is* in it for colleges or employers to consider our children?

The Success Tactics of the Mama Bear Mother involve giving wings to your child's creativity, so they'll never blend in with the crowd when uniqueness will tip the scales in the winner's direction.

And it closes with incredible, undeniable….

The sad truth is, we as parents just cannot be there for our kids every moment of every day.

Not only that, but we're *not* the only input kids receive; they also are bombarded with soul-searing doubts from their unforgiving peers, their difficult academic challenges and more.

But when you instill in your children an unshakeable belief in their own personal inner-greatness, it doesn't matter what negatives are flung in their direction….their personal self-confidence will allow them to shrug it off and continue with a superbly positive attitude.

The Success Tactics of the Mama Bear Mother involve teaching your children to honor their own personal inner hero and greatness….and to let it brilliantly shine in all their endeavors.

Raise your child the Mama Bear way….and you'll see results you've never thought possible.


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— Mama Bear