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"I'm not your friend, I'm far and away…superior.  I'm your mother."
— Mama Bear

Wait a sec!  Before I continue, I'll bet you're sitting in your chair now and wondering to yourself:

"Why are you glad you just came across this site?"

Superb question!

It's because it's going to enable you to:

  • Take back your parenting power pronto
  • Get rid of sibling rivalry
  • Compel superb mental and emotional and spiritual growth and compassion in your kids.
  • Much more!

You're about to discover that yes indeed, it *is* possible to raise 4 kids of starkly diverse personalities who:

  • Support one another beautifully
  • Never back-talk
  • Always do their very best at school
  • Look out for one another
  • Take ownership of their actions and accept consequences as a matter of course

It's not a faerie tale…I've been doing this now for many years.

And who am I to make this claim?

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I'm a 40-something entrepreneurial woman with a black belt in Goju-Ryu karate who, along with my Chinese husband, is raising 4 magnificent kids, 2 mooses, and a flock of Twitter Budgies.

My parenting style is a blend of the best of what the East and West has to offer in raising children to be smart, successful, independent and a genuine gift to society as well as to themselves and their loved ones.

When not parenting, you can find my business site over at BarbaraLing.com.  Methinks you'll love what you uncover!  (And yes indeed, I am PR-friendly if what you have to offer truly benefits my audience of Power Parents).

But over here on my MamaBear site, you'll be amazed and astounded and utterly blindsided by the humor, sanity savers, awesome tips that are share and more!

Most of my stories will involve:

  • HD1 – Honorable Daughter #1.  My eldest, a high-schooler.  Tremendously gifted in the arts and sciences, she's a strictly hands-off kid whose ideas of a hug involve several concrete walls between the huggers, and whose maturity blows away the majority of 20-somethings I've met.  As you can imagine, this causes jolly adventures in parenting.
  • HD2 – Honorable Daughter #2.  My second-eldest, in junior high school.  Plain and simple, she's a space alien.  Honest.  There is simply no way a mere mortal could combine her empathy, zaniness, insights and creativity (not to mention how her thought processes are so out in left field, they define a new sport entirely).  Raising her is like overseeing a bizarre science experiment; while you know the end result will benefit mankind, you have zero clue as to the paths it will take.
  • HS1 – Honorable Son #1.  My 3rd eldest, the second half of grammar school.  His intelligence level is off the charts, as is his arrogance and his mantra of, "I'm Honorable Son #1 and alas, you are not.  I pity you.  However, I will do my best to alleviate your sorrow that you're not me."   HS1 was born minus the compassion gene; teaching him that is one of my biggest challenges.  However, finally, after several centuries…he *is* buying a clue.
  • HS2 – Honorable Son #2.  My youngest, his life, like HD2, is filled with unicorns and rainbows and sparkly stars that illuminate his soul.  He is the sweetest of my kids and thus, the most vulnerable to getting hurt.  My biggest challenge with him is instilling the self-confidence the other three were born with naturally.  He lives the 'youngest child' syndrome, but is learning how to give himself permission to be strong.
  • The Husband.  The husband is my better half of 18+ years!  Totally different from MamaBear, he provides a calmness and strength that anchors our entire family.  My life is truly blessed with him!
  • The Mooses.  The mooses, otherwise known as Moose Major and Moose Minor, are our rescue dogs; Moose Major is a Malamute while Moose Minor is a white husky.  They're kinda sorta indescribable, so I'll just leave it at that.  🙂

As a family, with the exception of HS2, we all earned our black belts in karate back last year.  The adventures in our dojo would make a fantastic reality show!  As would, I suppose….our general day to day life.  🙂

Oh, and in other news, I'm a Squidoo RocketMom too – some of my lenses include:

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Thanks again for dropping by..hope you enjoy your visit.

— MamaBear