5 Big Huge Minds – Wondrous Creative Writing Story Prompts for Your Kids

What do *you* think of when you consider creative writing for your children?

If there's one thing MamaBear loves, it teaching her cubs how to let their imaginations fly away like glorious eagles soaring on the windswept plains of the sparkly rainbow-hued grasslands where pink ponies gleefully frolicked about and…. fantastically free birdies on wings of creativity!

And over the past few centuries of running Camp Ling, MamaBear has found some nifty resources you can use yourself!

Without any further ado, dive into:

But what MamaBear loves to do as well is have the children play Big Huge Minds…and then sometimes write about it too!

Big Huge Minds is a game I taught my kids ears and ears ago.  Basically, all it involves is taking a common household implement such as a spatula or a coffee cup or a spoon or a moose and figuring out what weird bizarre use it could be put to!

For example, spatulas are great at

  • flinging popcorn
  • providing a diving board for a mouse
  • sticking under books on a shelf so you can hang your necklaces off of them
  • etc.

And you can do the same thing!  Pick something bland and boring in your home, and then tell your child:

"You're on a deserted island with only this magnificent bland boring object to save you!  What's your next step?"

You'd be surprised at the creativity that emerges.  🙂

Parent well,







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