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As in,


MamaBear has awakened!

And as is her habit, after brewing up 94 cups of coffee, she started reviewing the latest on her Facebook Fanpage, the Success Tactics of the MamaBear Mother.

And what did she find out?

HeavenlyMommy from, well, Heavenly Mommy, is having a Facebook Fanpage Likey thingee!

You can read more over at

The premise is quite neat, actually…if you own a Facebook Fan Page, you can join to have other people learn more and like you too!

Here's the currently Facebook FanPage Like You Back:

It's really quite a nifty way to find other parenting pages and start to build up our own networking.

I joined, why not you?

Now time to get coffee number #95….  🙂

Parent Powerfully,

— MamaBear

Immediately Protect Your Teen Children By Bursting The Dangerous Internet Filter Bubble


Well hello there!

You caught Mama Bear after she's been awake now since 4am, powerfully hacking up her site to add ever more goodies for you.  Today, for example, I just finished adding a new tasty Fitness Store – do feel free to check it out whenever you'd like!

But that's not the topic of today's post, no oh no!  Instead, MamaBear insists on asking you this question.


Alrighty then, tell me.

Is content you *need* to know….being withheld not only from you, but your children as well?

I present for your delection: The Internet Filter bubble.  Do make sure to watch it in its entirety…it's utterly fascinating.

Is that scary or what?????

Now, for brilliant parents like us, that's one thing.  We all have the ability to learn just how to uncover where the news is that we really need.

But…what about our kids?

I'm all for filtering out inappropriate material, of course.

But imagine the following…

  • What if your teen, when searching on "diversity", gets shown results replete with political correctness *only*?
  • What if your teen, when searching on "gay", gets shown results that glorify gay-bashing?
  • What if your teen, when searching on "sex", gets shown results that highlight double-standards?
  • What if….

See what Mama Bear means?

It's one thing for our kids to get messages shoved down their throats by their peers.

It's another thing entirely to have Internet search results mimic those peers!

(derived from the types of links your kid generally clicks on etc.).

So what *are* some of the signals Google uses to determine what kind of content to show?

They could include:

  1. where do we move the mouse and mark text in the search results
  2. amount of typos while searching
  3. how often do we use related search queries
  4. how often do we use autosuggestion
  5. how often do we use spell correction
  6. distribution of short / general  queries vs. specific / long tail queries
  7. which other google services do we use (gmail / youtube/ maps / picasa /….)
  8. how often do we search for ourselves

(got that list over at  What are the 57 signals google uses to filter search results?)


Think about your children now.

  • Think about their spelling ability. 
  • Their search ability. 
  • What they click on *most* from their peers.

When they *are* ready to be exposed to new ideas and thinking…will Google and Facebook deliver to them that opportunity?

Or will they be continually walled into their own tiny Internet Bubble?

It's something on which to think, aye?

Which brings me now to the question….

How on earth can you protect your teen children from missing out on knowledge?

It's tough, I'll tell you that!  But if you have a good relationship with your kids, you can run the following test with them:

  • Step 1.)  Have them search on an emotionally-charged topic on their computer.  Bullying, diversity, gay rights, etc.  Take a snapshot (Hypersnap is a nice free utility).
  • Step 2.)  Then do the same search on your computer.  Take another snapshot.
  • Step 3.)  Then do the same search on Facebook.  Take a third snapshot.

Then sit down and compare the results!

If your kids are anything like Mamabear's cubs, they'll *hate* the idea that Big Brother is telling them what it thinks they *should* know.

Use this as a lesson to reinforce that alternative opinions will always exist, and that wise people take the time to see *all* sides. 

In other words, don't take the Internet search results at face value….always encourage your kids to use their brains as well.

Their future growth will thank them for it.

Parent well,

Mama Bear

ps – want other great takes on the Internet Filter bubble?  Check out:

and you can get the book too over at:

ABCs: Easily Set Up Your Parenting Facebook Fan Page Vanity URL

Lookie to the right at a screenshot of me Facebook Fan Page!


Do you have a parenting fan page on Facebook??????

If so….


Visit *this* link.


Select your Fan page name.

Does it say….

Your Fan Page Name is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, Your Fan Page Name will be able to set a username.

If so, right now, alas…you're hosed and probably have less than 25 fans.

But!  If you have *more* than 25 fans, you can set your own Facebook Fan Page Vanity URL!

MamaBear just flew to that milestone 4 minutes ago.  Previously, my Fan Page URL was:

But now…it's:

Let me know ask you…

  • What's easier to remember?
  • What's easier to type?
  • What looks nifty and neato and really really cool?

Methinks theFacebook Fan Page vanity URL by a longshot!

So….if you have your own Facebook Fan page and have more than 25 folk, why not do yourself a favor and set up your free Facebook Fan Page Vanity URL?

It can only help your promotion.

Parent well,


ps – want some other techniques for promoting your Facebook Fan page?  Click below and check out

Facebook Fanpage Blueprint

You'll love how I work in The Old Spice Guy and Elmo from Sesame Street!

1 Simple Way To Achieving Your Goals While Briefly Losing Your Sanity

At this time in the morning, Mamabear would usally be bright-eyed and shiny-fanged (after all, it's almost the afternoon, ie, 8am!).

Thing is, though…..I've been up now since (hope you're sitting down for this) 2am!

All together now….wheeee!


Recently, I've been seized by an insane desire to cross all the i's. and dot all the t's and get this site truly functional. 

And to aid me in that delightful endeavor, I won Google, eBay and half of Microsoft as well in the school raffles girded me loins and did the following.

1.)  Added several Mama Bear Stores!

Take a look at these, I beg you.

They're glorious. 

They'll bring tears to your eyes! 

They required me to do some massive CSS hacking and all that jazz but…oh heck, let me just show you.

Okay, I'm calm now again.  Seriously….wow, while the basic installation of stores like this takes less than 5 minutes (it's really grand!), making it *just so* was a character-building adventure in itself!

I used Associate O Matic, and let me tell you…it's simply splendid.  You can read my review about it over at my Virtual Coach Site here:  Supremely Easy Amazon Affiliate Tool!

Or, simply visit the product itself here.

I plan on adding more stores soon!

2.)  Added eMail feed subscription capability!

Lookie quick at those adorably exciting 3 hearts on the upper right hand side of the page!

Don't you just *adore* the cute little red heart with the cute little neon green envelope?

When you click on that image, you get take to my Feedburner email link.  It lets visitors sign up to receive new posts immediately in their email!  Heck, why not try it out now?  Click below to see it work right before your very eyes!


Breathtaking, isn't it? 

And why no, I'm not more giddy than a sleep-deprived toddler who has consumed 928 M&Ms, why do you ask?  🙂

Anhywhos!  Not being satisfied with that utterly stupendous achievement, I next:

3.)  Beefed up my Page Not Found Page!

You know how sometimes you get that annoying Page Not Found error on sites?  Well, I decided to, ahem, soup up mine finer than a 1957 MOPAR that… customize mine a weeeee bit.

Are you ready?


Alrighty then, click on:!

Rapturous, is it not?  

But I didn't stop there, oh no oh no!  I then:

4.)  Added the Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin!

Be still my beating heart!

This nifty neato superbly fabulous plugin will redirect first-time commenters to a page of my choosing!  It's a great way to welcome new readers to my site, plus I also make sure to point them in my social networking direction as well (my twitter, facebook and the like accounts).

And when you comment on this post, you'll see it in action!

It's a very simple plugin to use – you can learn more about it over at WordPress Comment Redirect Plugin.

5.)  Updated my Professional Facebook Profile Picture!

Gaze upon it in all of its stunning grace and beauty (heck, click on it too to see the entire page!).

Is it worthy of epic poetry or not? 

(Side note here, it's amazing how I am still capable of typing as I'm falling asleep on the keyboard…)

All in all, it's been a Very Productive Time, since 2am this morning.  🙂

Which brings me to the *most* important point….

The 1 easiest, simplest way to lose your sanity while achieving your goals is to pull an all-nighter or morninger or whateverer….and just let your inspirations run wild.

Methinks, now, however….I'm going to take a nap.  See you soon!

Parent well,

Mama Bear