How MMORPGs Can Make Family Life Perfect Together

Have you ever heard of video games? Or computer games? Better yet, do your kids go bananas over playing games like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft, Warcraft and others? Heh, if so….you'll love this post! You see, it all started when HS1 and HS2 decided to play Minecraft. Ummm, it's kinda sorta a game where […]

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Deflating Children

Are your children overweight? If so, just what are you doing about it? Here's what I'm doing about it! Luckily, my kids aren't vastly overweight, or even really overweight at all.  HS2, however, did inherit my metabolism…the one that causes me to easily gain unless I either exercise, eat healthy, or both. Recently, I've noticed […]

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1 Blindingly Simple Way Your Child Can Selfishly Waste The Future

I have to admit, I truly love my guardian angel sometimes….because the most brilliant lessons are gleaned from the utterly horrible experiences through which I go.  With that as a spine-tinglingly enticing way to start today's post, let me explain. As I had mentioned yesterday, I happily failed more spectacularly than the blazing sons of […]

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3 Ways To Hack Your Parenting Skills Into Sheer Awesomeness

Ah, parenting. The delightful activity in which we all indulge! Wouldn't it be great if you could just add water and happily drink up techniques that would propel your parenting experience into the stratosphere and beyond? Wait no more!  Indulge in: Technique #1.)  Listen *first* before erupting into a seething, boiling plasmatic fury. Imagine the […]

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The Brilliantly Secret Use For IKEA You NEVER Even Considered

I know, I know…. Summer time is almost over, and your kids are clamoring for one last exciting adventure! Well, if you're in MamaBear's family, you do the non-obvious, of course. Which in our case means….taking the kids to IKEA! Yes, IKEA.  The furniture store. Confused?  So was I, until I realized just how much […]

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RANT – The #1 Stupidest Parenting Fail… Are YOU Guilty of This?

Sometimes…I confess. MamaBear just utterly despises namby-pamby, wimpy pathetic parents who lack the brass-plated balls to inspire their kids….in the *right* way. Let me explain.  I now decree the following. Children can scientifically be divided into 3 easy-to-generalize categories. Leaders, Followers and Independents. Leaders are those kids around whom their peers gather.  They say "jump", […]

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Steal This Trick – The #1 Secret Of Successful Parents Part 1, Attitude

>YAAAWWWNNNNN< >>>>STRETCH<<<<<<< Why good morning to you, gentle reader, and how was your weekend? Mine was an exhausting roller-coaster of goodness, tears, relaxation and more. The sad, teary part was attending the memorial service for our Sensei's son, Lincoln High, down in MD.  I wrote about that over at In Memory of Lincoln High (8/24/93 […]

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Get Your Kids Their Domain Name Online…NOW!

Brief, pithy and to the point post today! Tell me. Do you have children? Well, okay, that's probably like asking…. Tell me. Do you breathe every now and then? Yep.  What MamaBear said. But I digress.  🙂 If so…. Tell me. Have you secured your children's online domain name yet? If not, might I kindly […]

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The BEST Kind of MamaBear Birthdays!

Sometimes I love birthdays, aye? This past weesaw the birdieDay of HS1 and meself! And it was truly grand: the highlights included: Sir HS1! A vest HD2 embroidered for me that says…Mom 2011 <3 Half a Black Belt Shark Tooth! (we had had torrential rains, and I figured it would be great fun to splash […]

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PROVE To Your Kids They Can’t Always Trust What They Hear

Do your kids believe everything they hear? If so…. QUICK! Watch this!! Then watch this!! Is that utterly awesome beyond belief?? My husband and I had a date night a few days ago, and we watched: PBS Video – How the Brain Works It's amazing!  The instant after watching it, I notified one of my […]

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