RANT – 5 Methodical Ways To Horrifyingly Obliterate Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Self-confidence. It rocks. Unless, of course, you possess less of it than the inoperative tear-duct of a microscopic dwarf ant, that is. If so, ever wonder just from where your lack of self-confidence arose? Yep….chances are, it has a huge heapin' amount to do with your upbringing. And now that *you're* a parent, you probably […]

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RANT – The #1 Stupidest Parenting Fail… Are YOU Guilty of This?

Sometimes…I confess. MamaBear just utterly despises namby-pamby, wimpy pathetic parents who lack the brass-plated balls to inspire their kids….in the *right* way. Let me explain.  I now decree the following. Children can scientifically be divided into 3 easy-to-generalize categories. Leaders, Followers and Independents. Leaders are those kids around whom their peers gather.  They say "jump", […]

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RANT – Teach your kids to stand 6’4″ tall when they’re 5’3.5″ short and being bullied

Fear. It sucks. It sucks worse if your kids have it. It sucks the most if, when faced with bullies, your kids pathetically wilt in fear and mentally crumple to the ground. Which is why you should raise them with the following MamaBear technique. Role-play scary situations with them. I was vividly reminded of this […]

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RANT- Teach your kids…tomorrow might be too late

MamaBear is feeling pretty meh right now. People just always seem to want to take the lazy way out, y'know? Perhaps it's just that I'm the middle of my cycle.  Who knows? Anywhos, I had a discussion with a good friend of mine a few days ago, and was told the following. "My son has […]

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RANT – How to teach your children to take back their power

Ever wish your child was powerful beyond all imagining? Ever want your children to be able to handle everything life throws at them…and more? If so, MamaBear has the ultimate solution for them! And it's this. Teach your children that the only person she or he can rely upon (besides you)…are themselves. It will save […]

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RANT – Spineless, Gutless Children Grow Into Spineless, Gutless Adults

It had to happen, of course. It really did. There MamaBear was, happily deciding to take a break and read thru her feeds of uplifting stories. And what did she come across? Why so delightful you asked!  It was this, from the site, Gives Me Hope: "Theres this girl who always gets bullied physically and […]

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RANT – Why Permissive Parenting Will Destroy Your Child

Permissive Parenting. The term makes MamaBear as comfortable as "slow-roasted agonizing death by massive nuclear meltdowns." Honestly, I simply cannot understand how on earth any sane parent could even begin to embrace wishy-washy spineless gutless permissive parenting. First off, let's explore the definition of this blight on society. Permissive parenting is the indulgent, "no discipline" […]

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Naughty Dad

RANT – Foolish parents who never demand respect from their kids

Parenting. It's an adventure!  But not one for the spineless, alas…. Which you could never tell given the huge hordes of utterly idjut-totic namby-pamby useless lumps of parents that roam this planet. I'm talking, of course, of the parents who let their kids rule their home. You know what I mean, right?  The kid who […]

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RANT – Narcissistic Mom Dad Parenting Is Horribly Treacherous To Your Children

Wow. Just…..wow. Gentle reader, do you have *any* clue whatsoever how much MamaBear hates parents who crave to live through their children's accomplishments??? Well, actually, let me amend that statement. Feeling pride for a kid… Okay, that's gold. Feeling joy that your child overcame his or her limitations and proved to themselves that they were […]

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RANT – Disgustingly obese kids and their parents Part 1

Morning! Today's rant is a very personal one that's near and dear to MamaBear's heart. It focuses upon disgustingly obese kids and their hugely fat parents. Now, before you get all politically correct on me and trumpet, "…Yet another case of fat-bashing by a cardio beach bunny mother who flings herself into 37 hours of […]

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