RANT – Disgustingly obese kids and their parents Part 1


Today's rant is a very personal one that's near and dear to MamaBear's heart.

It focuses upon disgustingly obese kids and their hugely fat parents.

Now, before you get all politically correct on me and trumpet, "…Yet another case of fat-bashing by a cardio beach bunny mother who flings herself into 37 hours of TurboFire after breathing in the french fry fumes from McDonalds!!", allow me to make the following bold statement.

I have *every* right to sit in judgment for myself….because back in 2006, I was 50+ pounds overweight meself.

Heck, jumbo jets would have had an easy time landing on my thighs back then.

The Meadowlands Parking lot was dainty compared to my cellulite!

How I lost those 50+ pounds I documented over at The Safe and Smart Internet Weight Loss Edge; honestly, though, that's a topic for another post.

Here's what I want to rant about today.

Life is tough enough as it is without having to drag around 20 or 40 or 60 or 100+ extra pounds!

And it's even *worse* when parents allow their children to become fatter than the Good Year blimp.

I firmly believe that parents are doing their kids a *huge* disservice by not showing them healthy ways to live their lives.

It's one thing for an adult to imitate a bloated hippo when out in the streets…it's another thing entirely *not* to guide their children so at least they have a fighting chance of staying healthy.

Truly, I have zero sympathy for fat people these days (unless it's a medical condition).  Don't go telling me how difficult it is to eat smart or carve out time for exercise, dammit, because I had to do the same exact thing myself!

  • 'Course it's tough!
  • 'Course it's hard!


  • Of course it takes months if not years to shed the fatty lard that coats your body too!  After all, it took years to put it on….it only makes sense that it will take years to take it off.

And to that I say…

So f*cking what.

Life isn't meant to be jumbo pink unicorns frolicking in a candy mountain like:

The plain fact is, in almost all cases, you're big and huge and fat because you:

  • Eat too much fattening food
  • Exercise too little

Reverse the above, and the weight will slowly but surely leave your body.

But!  Again….that's for adults.

What about obese kids?

Isn't childhood devastating enough that you don't have to add to its agonies by teaching lousy eating and exercising habits?

As an adult, you have every right to make your life as miserable as you'd like.

But seriously, your fat kids deserve 'way better than that.

Want some tips to help deflate your child?  Check out:

One excellent way to get your fat kids moving is to bring in the DDR, Dance Dance Revolution!

I have DDR for my cubs too; it makes for a wonderfully time way to burn off calories and really enjoy family time.

Make no mistake about it – losing weight is *hard*.

It's a personally agonizing hero's journey.

And it's one your kids shouldn't have to deal with at their age.

So help them get healthy….today.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – Regarding losing weight, here's a brief humorous video I made about it.  Enjoy!

PPS – Want to learn more about DDR?  Check out:

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