1 Blindingly Simple Way Your Child Can Selfishly Waste The Future

I have to admit, I truly love my guardian angel sometimes….because the most brilliant lessons are gleaned from the utterly horrible experiences through which I go.  With that as a spine-tinglingly enticing way to start today's post, let me explain. As I had mentioned yesterday, I happily failed more spectacularly than the blazing sons of […]

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RANT – 5 Methodical Ways To Horrifyingly Obliterate Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Self-confidence. It rocks. Unless, of course, you possess less of it than the inoperative tear-duct of a microscopic dwarf ant, that is. If so, ever wonder just from where your lack of self-confidence arose? Yep….chances are, it has a huge heapin' amount to do with your upbringing. And now that *you're* a parent, you probably […]

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RANT – The #1 Stupidest Parenting Fail… Are YOU Guilty of This?

Sometimes…I confess. MamaBear just utterly despises namby-pamby, wimpy pathetic parents who lack the brass-plated balls to inspire their kids….in the *right* way. Let me explain.  I now decree the following. Children can scientifically be divided into 3 easy-to-generalize categories. Leaders, Followers and Independents. Leaders are those kids around whom their peers gather.  They say "jump", […]

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Steal This Trick – The #1 Secret Of Successful Parents Part 1, Attitude

>YAAAWWWNNNNN< >>>>STRETCH<<<<<<< Why good morning to you, gentle reader, and how was your weekend? Mine was an exhausting roller-coaster of goodness, tears, relaxation and more. The sad, teary part was attending the memorial service for our Sensei's son, Lincoln High, down in MD.  I wrote about that over at In Memory of Lincoln High (8/24/93 […]

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How To Proactively Fling Your Children OFF Of The Despair Tracks Before It’s Too Late

Parenting. It's more of a hero's journey at times than conquering new galaxies, y'know? And of course, it always happens when you yourself are dealing with adult issues and angst too. But hey, it's….character-building! Today's exciting episode deals with…giving your child the ability to *stop* the train wreck of despair that threatens to engulf them […]

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End of the summer in 3…2…1….

Are your kids like this too?  🙂

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3 Fatals Beliefs That Kill Your Children’s Self-Confidence (and how to steadily defeat them)

One of the biggest challenges for MamaBear parents is ensuring their kids' confidence level is sturdy, powerful and impossible to destroy. Alas, this requires a heck of a lot of long-term maintenance!  I was reminded of this yesterday, when HS2 allowed his inner coward to destroy his inner hero. Of course, this happened during the […]

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Boldly unleash your child’s inner hero

Courage. It comes in many forms. And MamaBear has recently internalized (kinda sorta like a neutron bomb can internalize a wee bit of devastating power) that quite often, people are afraid to give themselves permission to face reality….the way it really is. It happened during this today's Camp Ling morning jog.  Every other day, I […]

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RANT – How to teach your children to take back their power

Ever wish your child was powerful beyond all imagining? Ever want your children to be able to handle everything life throws at them…and more? If so, MamaBear has the ultimate solution for them! And it's this. Teach your children that the only person she or he can rely upon (besides you)…are themselves. It will save […]

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How to give your children the gift of strength

Parenting….it's truly a hero's journey. Indeed. I was just reminded of this when HS2 attempted to tie on his hakama in preparation for Aikido class.   Due to mistakes, he ended up with a garment that was tied rather bizarre…and attempted to fix it himself. Then he asked me, but as I don't hakamaize, I suggested […]

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