RANT – 5 Methodical Ways To Horrifyingly Obliterate Your Child’s Self-Confidence


It rocks.

Unless, of course, you possess less of it than the inoperative tear-duct of a microscopic dwarf ant, that is.

If so, ever wonder just from where your lack of self-confidence arose?

Yep….chances are, it has a huge heapin' amount to do with your upbringing.

And now that *you're* a parent, you probably want to ensure your child exude self-confidence instead of apologizing for the stray air molecules they waste, aye?

oOo what I said.

With that as a dramatically luscious introduction, let me now delve deep, deep deep into the horrifying ways *you* can destroy your child's self-confidence….and then make a promise to yourself you'll never fall prey to them.

Way #1.)  Never listen to your kid.

When your child approaches you to talk, ensue you act as though you'd far prefer watching mold sprout on your left toenail compared to actually listening to the issue at hand.

It helps if you pull out your cell phone so you can constantly check the time as well.

After all, you do want to communicate how important the child's ideas are!

Way #2.)  Never apologize when you're obviously wrong.

This way, you can ensure your kid immediately takes ownership of guilt guilt guilt, even if there's no reason for such a blatantly incorrect feeling.

Do this often enough, and guaranteed, self-confidence will seep out faster than Hurricane Irene ate NJ.

And then some.

Way #3.)  Focus solely on what your kid does wrong, and *never* show approval when your kid does right.

Does your child look out for others….but is also less neat than an explosion in a spaghetti factory?

If so, concentrate on the mess she makes, and stay utterly silent on how her friends know they can always count on her. 

This will ensure she starts to look down on herself with no help from you!

Way #4.)  Never give 100% approval.

After all, there's *always* something your child could have done a fraction of a millimeter of a nanosecond earlier, wouldn't you agree?

He brings home an A?

  • Why not 3 As? 

She is inducted into National Honor Society?

  • Whatever happened to the Rhodes Scholarship?

No matter what, you can always find something to complain about…something that could have been done better.

Do this often enough, and Bobs your uncle your child will eventually stop even trying to succeed.  Lack of success equals increase lack of self-confidence – bingo!

Way #5.) Never smile at your child.

A smile indicates approval.

Which obviously, you never want your child to feel.

Thus, always make certain your interactions are laden with as much negative emotion as possible!

When your child feels worthless, any self-confidence left will run screaming for the hills.


* * * * *

Obviously, the above article is a wee bit tongue in cheek…being an adult with zero self-confidence just plain sucks, y'know?

Always make sure you provide the ultimate of affirmation in your child's greatness.

It will be the springboard from which their future success will emerge.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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