Tell Your Child Today – Tone It Down

Sometimes our kids can get…. a wee bit….too intense.

'course, the challenge is, *they* don't recognize that; to them, they're just being normal.

But to their peers, they're viewed as *abnormal*.

Just sayin' .

Now, while I'm all for being unique and standing out from the crowd and all that jazz, quite often unless your child is supremely self-confident and couldn't care less what other people think, they need to fit in with their peers.

It could be that what's normal for them….is too extreme for the rest of the world.

And their good intentions will be received extremely negatively indeed.

Thus, tell your child today to always be alert as to how they're perceived.  If it's not positive, *tone it down*. 

Maturity will hopefully cause their peers to appreciate their zaniness or helpfulness, or proactiveness in the future, but for now….

Tone it down.

It might help prevent them from being targets of bullies in the future.

Parent powerfully,


ps – speaking about bullying, have you seen:

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