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RANT – Foolish parents who never demand respect from their kids


It's an adventure! 

But not one for the spineless, alas….

Which you could never tell given the huge hordes of utterly idjut-totic namby-pamby useless lumps of parents that roam this planet.

I'm talking, of course, of the parents who let their kids rule their home.

You know what I mean, right? 

  • The kid who screams at his mom, NO! at the top of his lungs…and all Mommy says is, that's your Outdoors voice!
  • The brat who listens to his dad tell him to pick up his legos, and instead proceeds to fling said legos at his father's face.
  • The spoiled child who demands an extra 923 toys while grocery shopping, and throws a tantrum until her wish is granted.

It causes MamaBear to shudder more than an unexploded firework right at the time of fuse lighting.

My gosh, where has parenting gone?

You, gentle reader, are the parent.

Your child is the child.

You simply *must* demand respect *starting* when they're toddlers.

Else be prepared for hell later on.

Forget this moose excrement of "Respect must be earned" stuff.

That's all very well and peachy when you're dealing with your peers at work, at home and the like…but your family should be a benevolent dictatorship, and *you* the benevolent dictator.

Parents do NOT need to earn their children's respect, it should be automatic.

Luckily, when your kids are young critters, this is 'way easy to do…kids have a natural desire to know boundaries and to feel comfortable in their place.

The lousy thing parents do is not give the kids what they need – security of where they belong.

Instead, they:

  • Try to "reason" with their spoiled brats about why they should show a bare minimum of polite behavior
  • Beg for good behavior
  • Bribe for chores to be complete

And that's just plain freakin' pathetic.

Now, if you've been a horribly wishywashy parent for 15 years of your teen's life, alas…

You're probably hosed.

By the time kids enter high school, it is true…you really *cannot* demand respect, because your past 15 years of parenting have been an unsung offkey ballad to feeble, ineffective, worthless social conditioning.

But then again, in the majority of cases…you deserve it.


In other words…

You reap what you sow.

Plainly spoken, you simply *must* demand respect from your children right from the getgo.

You *must* refuse to tolerate back-talk, spoiled behavior, and out-of-control kids.

You do *not* want to be part of those parenting sheeples who follow the pathetic belief, "Reason with your children!"  "Treat them like an adult!" and the like.

Instead, you want to be like MamaBear and know your kids are beyond magnificent in every sense of the word.

Your children deserve it.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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