Week 1, Day 2 – Camp Ling! (Crushing legs, blogging, more)

Good morning!

Hope your night was filled with lots of sleep and rest, MamaBear's was….not.  Wah. 

Methinks HD2 and I destroyed ourselves soo much during Camp Ling Strength Training…it simply caused a wee bit of discomfort when it came time to sleep.  Add to that other personal issues, and voila, you have a recipe for some massive lousy sleep indeed!

But hey, these things happen.  🙂

Onto Day 2 of Camp Ling!

Day 1 actually went really really well.  We all benchmarked our pushup ability – I'm so out of shape it's pathetic.  Here's our stats:

  • MamaBear – 30 pushups
  • HD1 – 19 pushups
  • HD2 – 23 pushups
  • HS1 – 26 pushups
  • HS2 – 3 pushups

We also weighed and measured ourselves and at the end of summer, will be posting the before and after stats too!

Exercise-wise, I got the kids up at 6am to run the mooses and jog around the local park.  Methinks I'll be doing that every other day; I've realized that I myself require a morning of rest after massive amounts of exertion the day before!

  • (It's so nice knowing oneself, isn't it?  🙂  )

Today's Camp Ling will include the following.

  • Crushing legs at the gym (HD2 and myself)
  • Rec camp (HS1, HS2)
  • Running the mooses on the mile walk (HD1)


Each kid has to update their blogs on their chosen summer topic.

I'd add more, but as I have a business meeting this afternoon, I won't be around to supervise it.  But, it should all work out to the best, wouldn't you say?

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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