Week 5, Day 2 Camp Ling – its slooooowin’ down!

I confess.

The kids are having such a good time doing their own thing that it's really tempting to let them spend summer as they'd like.

I still plan on early morning jogging and blogging and mathing and all that….

But hey.

School starts next month!

It's time to enjoy the remaining…hmmm….time. 🙂

Methinks this will be the last week of chronicling Camp Ling…it's been quite the excellent adventure!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 5, Day 1 – Camp Ling! It’s August!

Today is August 1st!

And you know what that means, right?

That means…

School starts next month!!

Woohoo!  🙂

Life is going along so swimmingly these days….it seems like I'm just repeating myself for every update.

But let's see what's for today.

Boys have Rec camp and Math, girls have math and writing, I have lots of blogging.

Wow that's fun.  🙂

Scenes from earlier Camp Lings include:

Seeing a tortoise trying to cross the road:


Rescuing it and putting it into the forest:

Home sweet home!

Diving into Camp Ling this morning!

No Mercy!

And with that…starts the day.

Hope it's grand for you too!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear



Week 4, Day 4, Camp Ling! Wild Tomatoes Calling

Yawn…today is Day 4 of Week 4 of the gloriousness known as Camp Ling!


I have to admit, yesterday turned out to be quite enjoyable indeed.

HD2 became one with the iron:


I saw my foot evaporate:

Where be me foot?

I created an awesome allegory from base materials like:

Its wondrous!

In the afternoon, I picked up HS2's friend and we saw Cars (which, btw, was fantastic – it had such a simple sweet message of how everyone has their own intelligence, but it's so easy for people to make fun of what they don't understand instead).

Very pleasant day indeed!

Oh yes, I'm getting 'way better with the mysteries of tomato picking too.  🙂

Today will be spent basically indoors….relaxing….with math goodies of advanced algebra, the 7 times tables, 3 variable equations and bunches of creative writing too.

And folks think we have no fun…HAH!  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 4, Day 3 – Camp Ling! Total regrouping

Gotta love…recovery.

I think one of the best things about running a summer camp for my kids is that things can change at a moment's notice…and turned into the most awesome learning experiences imaginable.

Yesterday…was definitely one of those days.

You see, MamaBear woke up to see HS1 and HS2 totally ignored their responsibilities, and yet again, left their office a mess before going to bed.

Thrilled beyond belief…I was *not*.

So!  I woke up them up at 6am, pointed out the error of their ways, and told them to:

  • Write 200 times, "I will keep my office neat"
  • Clean their office (and they would be banned from it as well)
  • Clean their bedroom

And….that they wouldn't go to the town Rec camp until it was *all* done.

Here's the incredible part:

They handled their consequences beautifully.

No whining, no complaining…they…just…did it.

Incredible; they completed everything 8 minutes before Rec camp began.

And HD1…

Well, we had a pretty intensive discussion about college, responsibilities, the fact that while other parents might be lenient, that's not me, and the like.

I was also quite blessed in that I had a chat with one of my best friends, who explained to me what I already knew…but what I needed to hear again.  And that is:

Teens need to experience life themselves to learn it.

ie, I *cannot* force wisdom.

The good news is that communications were completely open…and both of us rose the occasion as parent and child. 

Humbling, that is, let me tell you.

Me, well, I spent most of yesterday running all around creation for friends and family, and so….HD2 and I never did get to the gym.


We'll rectify that today.  🙂

Speaking of which, today shall be everything we were supposed to do yesterday!


Which is also kinda sorta a lie, because after Rec camp, I'm taking HS1 and HS2 and their friend to roller skating. 

Perhaps they can mathize and writize when they get back!  🙂

But…the very best part of yesterday was realizing the following (which I have taught to HD1 and HD2).

It costs nothing but a wee bit of effort to go out of your way for friends…but the benefits can last for years.

I was inspired to start a new project called "The Hero Within" (I'll be blogging about it soon) and hopefully…it will touch the spirit of some pretty important folk.

With that, it's time to start the day!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 4, Day 2, Camp Ling! Reality check


Today is Week 4 and Day 2 of Camp Ling, and wow, it's character-building.

Well, actually, Camp itself isn't…it's more like the summer….is.  🙂

Activity-wise, it was lots of fun:  My morning gardening adventures revealed:

Giant Zucchini!

which got turned into veggie art like so!

Veggie art!

At the gym, HD2 and I blurred the time-space continuum again:


Fun fun fun!

And in the morning, we all ran the mooses and jogged our 10 laps.  Woot!

The tough part, however, focused mainly on….


Anyone who thinks parenting is a walk in the park….has never given *themselves*, heart and soul, to raising their kids and being the rock of stability for their spouse.

MamaBear parents know this.

Because it's seared within their soul.

I'll probably blog about this later, but the point remains…

Everything does happen for a reason, and all the scars your children give you, and the pain you give your children from instilling in lessons they do *not* want to learn…

They all have powerful gifts for you once the agony dissipates.

Getting to that point – it's character-building indeed.  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 3, Day 5 – Camp Ling! 105 degree heat

I was a wee bit late posting this, but hey – better late than never!

Week 3, day 5 of Camp Ling went extremely….very…..exceedingly…..calm and quiet.  🙂

It went up to 105 degrees, so there went my early morning moose running, hiking to the library and the like!

Plus, HD1 and HD2 were having a ball simply enjoying themselves….so I kinda sorta confess.

I let the entire day go.  🙂

True, I was already socked by the prior day of HS2 causing a massive eruption of grey hairs on me head, plus my realization that when push came to shove, the only person upon whom I can depend (outside of my family) is myself.

Tough lesson to learn, but hey. 

It's one I intend to teach my kids as well.

Can you believe that next week will be the 4th week of summer?

Honestly, the time is just rocketing by!  

Before you know it, it will be September…and the next chapter of the Magnificent Ling kids will begin. 

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 3, Day 4 – Camp Ling! Take it easy leg day, math/writing, more!


Today is Week 3 and Day 4 of Camp Ling!

Yesterday, as I had expected, I was extremely lenient….HS1 and HS2 had a field trip most of the day, HS1 wanted to spend the day reading, and HS2 and I bounced about like so:


Yes, yesterday we descended upon the manly weight room; she arm-curled 30 pounds while I tackled 35.  Woot!

Today is our leg day, but there *will* be a change – it will be a nice and easy leg day (as we smooshed ourselves on Tuesday!). 

But I digress.  🙂 

And me?  Yesterday was character-building to the extreme!  However, it did inspire me to cast my mind to the Universe and conceive of a rather fantastic allegory to share with a friend, so the difficulties that preceded it…I'd go thru them a million times over. 🙂

I'll be driving all over creation this afternoon, so I'll be printing out the kids' math and giving them blogging assignments.  And that, alas….should take care of the entire day.

Like I said…this summer is zooming along!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 3, Day 3, Camp Ling – ALMOST a day off

You know, Camp Ling would be far more effective if I had 3 times the hours in the day!  🙂

Not that the kids are complaining; the days just seem to zoom by and they're kept busy.

For example, yesterday HD2 and I reveled in flinging about the iron like so:

185 pound legpress!

Yes, that's set at 185 pounds.

I, alas, did a mere wimpy 180 pounds:

Only 180!

It's official – HD2 is stronger than me.  At my peak, I can do 210 pounds…but I'm nowhere near that these days.


Since yesterday was Leg Day, we also enjoyed our 50 kicks from a horseback stance:

HD2 is blurring time space!

Me too!

And folks think Camp Ling is of zero fun.


Anywhos, today is leg day, math day, and as I'm visiting some friends this afternoon, "take off the afternoon" day.

I suppose I can be kind every now and then.  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 3, Day 2 – Camp Ling! Roller skating, Logic, Crushing Legs, more!

Today is Week 3, Day 2 of that godlike adventure known as Camp Ling!

Wow, the summer is just plain rocketin' along.

Yesterday was very enjoyable; HD2 and I became one with the iron like so:


I can now arm curl 30 pounds (still 10 pounds less than my peak, wah), push down 95 pounds, chest press 95 pounds, and other assorted goodies.

Most importantly, HS1 can now do a single pullup!

Woot!  Every little bit counts.

Work-wise, the kids did their blogging and creative writing (woot!) and it's time yet again for me to print out more Algebra and Geometry.  Whee!

Things like:

Find the vertices, co-vertices, foci, and asymptotes of the hyperbola.









Brandon, Shelby, Cameron, Aaron, Jason, and Jasmine are students. They are each in a different grade (second, fourth, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh). Each of the students has a favorite subject in school (art, social studies, spelling, science, math, and reading).

Match each student with their favorite subject and the grade that they are in.

1.    When Shelby was in the fifth grade, her favorite subject was math. Now, Shelby prefers a different subject.
2.    Aaron and Jason both enjoy art, but it is not their favorite subject.


and the 6 times table for HS2.

Admit it – every kid wants to attend Camp Ling!  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Week 3, Day 1 – Camp Ling! Arms day, pullup day, more

Today begins the 3rd week of Camp Ling!

And it's going rather nice, I must say.

The easiest part, of course, is the physical fitness and getting up at 6am and goodies like that! 

Honestly though, the hours just zoom by, so staying on track with academics is a bit challenging.  Still, though, every little bit helps!

If the gods smile upon us, I'll be taking the kids roller skating for their day trip today; if not, we'll simply keep blogging and making miracles occur.

Math as usual like:

The EdHelper Theater charges $4.75 for children under 12 and $8 for regularly priced tickets.

Figure out how many children and regularly priced tickets were sold from Sunday until Wednesday.

1.    On Sunday, 49 more tickets were sold than the number of tickets sold on Wednesday. The difference in total gate receipts between the two days was $118.25. Total gate receipts were higher on Sunday.
2.    The total gate receipts on Tuesday was $4,794.75.
3.    On Monday, 90 more tickets were sold than the number of tickets sold on Tuesday.
4.    The total gate receipts on Monday was $4,738.
5.    The number of seats sold on Tuesday was eight hundred twenty-two less than two times the number of seats sold on Monday.
6.    There were seven hundred two seats sold on Sunday. The number of children tickets sold on Sunday was 76 more than the number of regular priced tickets.


Creative writing as usual…life is good indeed!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear