Week 3, Day 2 – Camp Ling! Roller skating, Logic, Crushing Legs, more!

Today is Week 3, Day 2 of that godlike adventure known as Camp Ling!

Wow, the summer is just plain rocketin' along.

Yesterday was very enjoyable; HD2 and I became one with the iron like so:


I can now arm curl 30 pounds (still 10 pounds less than my peak, wah), push down 95 pounds, chest press 95 pounds, and other assorted goodies.

Most importantly, HS1 can now do a single pullup!

Woot!  Every little bit counts.

Work-wise, the kids did their blogging and creative writing (woot!) and it's time yet again for me to print out more Algebra and Geometry.  Whee!

Things like:

Find the vertices, co-vertices, foci, and asymptotes of the hyperbola.









Brandon, Shelby, Cameron, Aaron, Jason, and Jasmine are students. They are each in a different grade (second, fourth, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh). Each of the students has a favorite subject in school (art, social studies, spelling, science, math, and reading).

Match each student with their favorite subject and the grade that they are in.

1.    When Shelby was in the fifth grade, her favorite subject was math. Now, Shelby prefers a different subject.
2.    Aaron and Jason both enjoy art, but it is not their favorite subject.


and the 6 times table for HS2.

Admit it – every kid wants to attend Camp Ling!  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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