Week 5, Day 1 – Camp Ling! It’s August!

Today is August 1st!

And you know what that means, right?

That means…

School starts next month!!

Woohoo!  🙂

Life is going along so swimmingly these days….it seems like I'm just repeating myself for every update.

But let's see what's for today.

Boys have Rec camp and Math, girls have math and writing, I have lots of blogging.

Wow that's fun.  🙂

Scenes from earlier Camp Lings include:

Seeing a tortoise trying to cross the road:


Rescuing it and putting it into the forest:

Home sweet home!

Diving into Camp Ling this morning!

No Mercy!

And with that…starts the day.

Hope it's grand for you too!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear



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