Week 3, Day 5 – Camp Ling! 105 degree heat

I was a wee bit late posting this, but hey – better late than never!

Week 3, day 5 of Camp Ling went extremely….very…..exceedingly…..calm and quiet.  🙂

It went up to 105 degrees, so there went my early morning moose running, hiking to the library and the like!

Plus, HD1 and HD2 were having a ball simply enjoying themselves….so I kinda sorta confess.

I let the entire day go.  🙂

True, I was already socked by the prior day of HS2 causing a massive eruption of grey hairs on me head, plus my realization that when push came to shove, the only person upon whom I can depend (outside of my family) is myself.

Tough lesson to learn, but hey. 

It's one I intend to teach my kids as well.

Can you believe that next week will be the 4th week of summer?

Honestly, the time is just rocketing by!  

Before you know it, it will be September…and the next chapter of the Magnificent Ling kids will begin. 

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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