Week 4, Day 2, Camp Ling! Reality check


Today is Week 4 and Day 2 of Camp Ling, and wow, it's character-building.

Well, actually, Camp itself isn't…it's more like the summer….is.  🙂

Activity-wise, it was lots of fun:  My morning gardening adventures revealed:

Giant Zucchini!

which got turned into veggie art like so!

Veggie art!

At the gym, HD2 and I blurred the time-space continuum again:


Fun fun fun!

And in the morning, we all ran the mooses and jogged our 10 laps.  Woot!

The tough part, however, focused mainly on….


Anyone who thinks parenting is a walk in the park….has never given *themselves*, heart and soul, to raising their kids and being the rock of stability for their spouse.

MamaBear parents know this.

Because it's seared within their soul.

I'll probably blog about this later, but the point remains…

Everything does happen for a reason, and all the scars your children give you, and the pain you give your children from instilling in lessons they do *not* want to learn…

They all have powerful gifts for you once the agony dissipates.

Getting to that point – it's character-building indeed.  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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