Week 3, Day 1 – Camp Ling! Arms day, pullup day, more

Today begins the 3rd week of Camp Ling!

And it's going rather nice, I must say.

The easiest part, of course, is the physical fitness and getting up at 6am and goodies like that! 

Honestly though, the hours just zoom by, so staying on track with academics is a bit challenging.  Still, though, every little bit helps!

If the gods smile upon us, I'll be taking the kids roller skating for their day trip today; if not, we'll simply keep blogging and making miracles occur.

Math as usual like:

The EdHelper Theater charges $4.75 for children under 12 and $8 for regularly priced tickets.

Figure out how many children and regularly priced tickets were sold from Sunday until Wednesday.

1.    On Sunday, 49 more tickets were sold than the number of tickets sold on Wednesday. The difference in total gate receipts between the two days was $118.25. Total gate receipts were higher on Sunday.
2.    The total gate receipts on Tuesday was $4,794.75.
3.    On Monday, 90 more tickets were sold than the number of tickets sold on Tuesday.
4.    The total gate receipts on Monday was $4,738.
5.    The number of seats sold on Tuesday was eight hundred twenty-two less than two times the number of seats sold on Monday.
6.    There were seven hundred two seats sold on Sunday. The number of children tickets sold on Sunday was 76 more than the number of regular priced tickets.


Creative writing as usual…life is good indeed!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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