Week 3, Day 3, Camp Ling – ALMOST a day off

You know, Camp Ling would be far more effective if I had 3 times the hours in the day!  🙂

Not that the kids are complaining; the days just seem to zoom by and they're kept busy.

For example, yesterday HD2 and I reveled in flinging about the iron like so:

185 pound legpress!

Yes, that's set at 185 pounds.

I, alas, did a mere wimpy 180 pounds:

Only 180!

It's official – HD2 is stronger than me.  At my peak, I can do 210 pounds…but I'm nowhere near that these days.


Since yesterday was Leg Day, we also enjoyed our 50 kicks from a horseback stance:

HD2 is blurring time space!

Me too!

And folks think Camp Ling is of zero fun.


Anywhos, today is leg day, math day, and as I'm visiting some friends this afternoon, "take off the afternoon" day.

I suppose I can be kind every now and then.  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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