Week 4, Day 4, Camp Ling! Wild Tomatoes Calling

Yawn…today is Day 4 of Week 4 of the gloriousness known as Camp Ling!


I have to admit, yesterday turned out to be quite enjoyable indeed.

HD2 became one with the iron:


I saw my foot evaporate:

Where be me foot?

I created an awesome allegory from base materials like:

Its wondrous!

In the afternoon, I picked up HS2's friend and we saw Cars (which, btw, was fantastic – it had such a simple sweet message of how everyone has their own intelligence, but it's so easy for people to make fun of what they don't understand instead).

Very pleasant day indeed!

Oh yes, I'm getting 'way better with the mysteries of tomato picking too.  🙂

Today will be spent basically indoors….relaxing….with math goodies of advanced algebra, the 7 times tables, 3 variable equations and bunches of creative writing too.

And folks think we have no fun…HAH!  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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