RANT- Teach your kids…tomorrow might be too late

MamaBear is feeling pretty meh right now.

People just always seem to want to take the lazy way out, y'know?

Perhaps it's just that I'm the middle of my cycle.  Who knows?

Anywhos, I had a discussion with a good friend of mine a few days ago, and was told the following.

"My son has a friend who has been helping him out bunches, but he never says thank you to that friend.  He tell me, he's too embarrassed or that he'll do it tomorrow.  It really bothers me, but you know, it's kids, right?"


It's kids alright, and the rotten way their parents have raised them.

You know, it's something I've just never understood.

When your friends go out of their way to help you…common courtesy is to acknowledge that and say, "Thank you."

Not ignore it.

Sure, you might appreciate it, you might be grateful for it…but if you choose to say not a word, all you're doing is telling your friend, "You're not worth my time.  I don't care what you've done for me."

After all, we *all* have failed mind-reading 101.

And lately it seems, big huge bunches of us have decided to always take the lazy way out, and just accept kindness as our due.

Honestly….that's lousy with a capital L.

Nobody tells your kids' friends to look out for your kid…sometimes, their friends will be mature enough to recognize that:

"Hey!  Your child needs some help and encouragement!"

and just plain *be there* for your kid.

  • And if your kid chooses to say nothing in return, that just shows their friend their value.

Which makes it much *less* likely that the next time your child is in need, her friend will step up to the plate once again.

You see…

  • Kindness rocks.
  • Friendship rocks.
  • Love rocks.

But none of the above are self-sufficient (unless you're beyond spiritually advanced…and will keep on giving to your friends with no expectations of any reactions).

Thus, the next time your kid tells you that someone really helped her….do her the following favor.

Follow up and *make sure* she thanks them for caring.

It's a life skill that will benefit her for years to come.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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