Never let what others say….

…stop you from making friends today. Parent powerfully, — MamaBear ps – speaking about friends, have you seen:

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RANT- Teach your kids…tomorrow might be too late

MamaBear is feeling pretty meh right now. People just always seem to want to take the lazy way out, y'know? Perhaps it's just that I'm the middle of my cycle.  Who knows? Anywhos, I had a discussion with a good friend of mine a few days ago, and was told the following. "My son has […]

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Empathy Requires Compassion

Here's something that's on MamaBear's mind this morning. You got kids? Great! You got kids who have to interact with the world? Mmmmhmmm. Well, consider this. One of the biggest skills that MamaBear teaches her cubs is to walk in others' shoes before slamming on the "OMG you're an utter idjut!" hat to their friends. […]

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