“How can I get my kids to exercise in this heat?”

From the mailbag:

"Dear MamaBear,

My town is in a heat wave, and all my kids want to do is stay inside and marinate.

How can I get them to exercise in all this heat?


Tim in Delaware"

Dear TiD,

You're having a heatwave too?

Over here in MamaBearLand, it's beyond brutal, so I really hear you there.

Here's what MamaBear has done:

NOTE!1.)  Roller skating!

It's air-conditioned!

Okay, roller-skating is a lie.  My local rink closed early because nobody attended.   But hey, just think of how great it would be if it was open!  🙂

Find a list of roller skating rinks here.

NOTE!2.)  Ice skating!

Don't want roller skating?  How about ice skating?  At least it's cold!  🙂

Find a list of ice skating rinks here.

NOTE!3.)  Dance Dance Revolution in your home!

Don't want to start the car?

Have your kids exercise at home with Dance Dance Revolution!

It's a fantastic way to burn calories and have a blast too.

But be warned – DDR mats are now difficult to find in stores.  You might have to order them online (as I just discovered this morning).

Hope the above gives you some ideas!

Thus speaks….MamaBear

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