RANT – Spineless, Gutless Children Grow Into Spineless, Gutless Adults

It had to happen, of course.

It really did.

There MamaBear was, happily deciding to take a break and read thru her feeds of uplifting stories.

And what did she come across?

Why so delightful you asked!  It was this, from the site, Gives Me Hope:

"Theres this girl who always gets bullied physically and emotionally

I've never done anything to stop it because I didn't want them to hurt me too. She always runs into the bathroom afterwards. One day I went in after her expecting to find her crying. Instead I walked in on an amazing voice singing "Mean" by Taylor Swift with a huge smile

She GMH!"


Of all the spineless, gutless actions…and then she lauds how this bullied kid "gives her hope."

Isn't that just peachy.

MamaBear has another name for it.

Freakin' *loser*!

My gosh.

Kid A sees Kid B always being bullied but does nothing about it because of fear.

Do you, gentle reader, see anything wrong with this??????

Yes, I know.

Fear *can* paralyze someone.

But you know…if you stand by idly while horrible things are going on…you're tacitly accepting that such nasty actions are okay and non-verbally stating that fact to boot.

Whatever happened to kids who can say, "*Hey!  This is *wrong*!" and take it from there?

If a kid is scared (and trust you me – I know quite how frightening taking a stand can be), he or she can simply write a note to the teachers, talk to the kid in question, do something…..


Which brings me to the point of this post.

If you raise your children that it's okay to ignore bullying when it's going on, you're teaching them that taking the spineless, gutless way out is a desirable action.

And things like that…they'll continue to infest your children, even after they become adults.

Think about it!

Imagine your children in their 20s. 

  • They see workplace bullying going on.
  • They see one of their friends launch a personal vendetta against another.
  • They witness their male friends being abused by their girlfriends.


They do *nothing*.

  • Zero.
  • Zip.
  • Nada.

What kind of "friend" do your kids become?

Not the kind that sticks with you through thick or thin, that's for sure!!

I am sooo tired of stupid adults and stupid kids and stupid society who thinks solely about Number 1 and refuses to simply *take a freakin' stand* when bad things are done.


Make sure to raise your kids to stand up and be counted when lousy things are happening around them.

Society is decaying enough as it is….and your kids deserve to have the strength that making a stand delivers to them.

It's a gift that will last a lifetime.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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