Inner Hero Parenting….Rocks!

Have your kids ever been utterly destroyed by the little voice within….the one that sneakily tells them they're worthless and hopeless and just all-around icky-poo? Yep.  My kids too.  'Matter of fact, it happened yesterday *again*! But this time…..with a huge difference. You see, HS1 and HS2's Inner Heroes finally came to their rescue with […]

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How To Proactively Fling Your Children OFF Of The Despair Tracks Before It’s Too Late

Parenting. It's more of a hero's journey at times than conquering new galaxies, y'know? And of course, it always happens when you yourself are dealing with adult issues and angst too. But hey, it's….character-building! Today's exciting episode deals with…giving your child the ability to *stop* the train wreck of despair that threatens to engulf them […]

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How To Talk To Your Kids So They Actually *Listen*

Have you ever wished your kids would truly listen to what you have to share? It can be tougher than moving the Pyramids with chopsticks! But…one thing MamaBear has found out – it's most doable indeed. And here's how. Listen to your kids *first*. While true, we *are* the parents and children *should* listen unquestioningly […]

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RANT – Teach your kids to stand 6’4″ tall when they’re 5’3.5″ short and being bullied

Fear. It sucks. It sucks worse if your kids have it. It sucks the most if, when faced with bullies, your kids pathetically wilt in fear and mentally crumple to the ground. Which is why you should raise them with the following MamaBear technique. Role-play scary situations with them. I was vividly reminded of this […]

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Giving your kids the precious gift of failure

Ever watch your kids fail? It sure is tough indeed! But one thing I've learned…is that if I make life easy for my children, they never learn to deal with failure's despair….and turn that into a future success. I was reminded of this ya few days ago when I heard HS1 and HS2 play chess in the […]

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How To Melt Away Your Child’s Anger By Forcing Them On A Scary Mountain Trip

QUICK! WATCH THIS VIDEO! THIS IS MEEEEE!!!!!!! My gosh what a day of unmitigated horrible agonizing miserable character-building learning! But the good news is, every drama king trauma through which our kids go compel them one step closer to maturity and taking ownership of their feelings. Like the following. It was a nice, quiet Camp […]

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3 Fatals Beliefs That Kill Your Children’s Self-Confidence (and how to steadily defeat them)

One of the biggest challenges for MamaBear parents is ensuring their kids' confidence level is sturdy, powerful and impossible to destroy. Alas, this requires a heck of a lot of long-term maintenance!  I was reminded of this yesterday, when HS2 allowed his inner coward to destroy his inner hero. Of course, this happened during the […]

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When You WANT To Make Your Children Cry

Growing up. It's a hero's journey. 'course, so is parenting that same adventure (kinda sorta like surviving 83 simultaneous monsoons in December is a walk in the park too!). But every now and then, you'll see your kids making Really Bad Decisions that you want to smack down yesterday and ensure…never happen again. Here's what […]

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Boldly unleash your child’s inner hero

Courage. It comes in many forms. And MamaBear has recently internalized (kinda sorta like a neutron bomb can internalize a wee bit of devastating power) that quite often, people are afraid to give themselves permission to face reality….the way it really is. It happened during this today's Camp Ling morning jog.  Every other day, I […]

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Suicide is *never* the answer…but do your kids realize that?

I think everyone plays around with the idea of suicide at one point in their lives…don't you? The second-to-last time I ever thought about suicide was when I was 20 years old, a junior, at college.  I vividly remember taking out my hunting knife, staring at the blade, and then saying to myself: "Jeepers, that […]

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