“My child runs away from me at the mall. Help!”

From the mailbag: "Dear Mama Bear, My 5 year old boy Jerry is so stubborn and he has a mind of his own!  Whenever I call him at the mall, he giggle and runs in the opposite direction.  What should I do? Signed, Confused" Dear Confused, This is one of the spine-tingling joys of being […]

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Immediately Protect Your Teen Children By Bursting The Dangerous Internet Filter Bubble

<yawn><stretch><growl> Well hello there! You caught Mama Bear after she's been awake now since 4am, powerfully hacking up her site to add ever more goodies for you.  Today, for example, I just finished adding a new tasty Fitness Store – do feel free to check it out whenever you'd like! But that's not the topic […]

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Biting Ballad of Both the Brilliant and Brainless Karate Parents

Yesterday, MamaBear had the spine-tingling excitement of attending the local Karate tournament and watching paint dry! Well, no, I really didn't, but what should have taken perhaps, oh, say, 3 hours, ended up lasting until 8:10pm.  Given that I had gotten up at 2am yesterday morning, my oh my….that was *not* the epitomy of delightfulness […]

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1 Simple Way To Achieving Your Goals While Briefly Losing Your Sanity

At this time in the morning, Mamabear would usally be bright-eyed and shiny-fanged (after all, it's almost the afternoon, ie, 8am!). Thing is, though…..I've been up now since (hope you're sitting down for this) 2am! All together now….wheeee! Indeed. Recently, I've been seized by an insane desire to cross all the i's. and dot all […]

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No Dear, The Rapture Does NOT Mean “No Chores”

It's morning time and let me tell you, MamaBear is more growly than a high school teacher that's beset by the lawyer parents of students who missed the entire year but still expect an A. Last night, HB1 insisted to me that he would remember his chores (in this case, bravely tackling the sink dishes).  […]

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Dealing With Stupid Lying Part 1

I guess that every child goes thru lying every now and then. Thing is….HS2 is going thru it more than, say, Barney attempts to inhale small children on a daily basis. As you can imagine, this gets 'way frustrating 'way quick! However, dealing with it is not as easy as MamaBear would prefer.  I would […]

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