Sports Dads – Day 2 of the 5 Days of Fathers Day!

>Yawn< >Stretch< >Coffee?< So nice to see you here today! Today is Day 2 of the 5 Days of Fathers Day, and MamaBear is going to write about something she's utterly clueless…. Sports! Yes indeed, MamaBear *knows* the only real sport these days is Marching Band, and with HD1's high school not even daring to […]

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RANT – Disgustingly obese kids and their parents Part 1

Morning! Today's rant is a very personal one that's near and dear to MamaBear's heart. It focuses upon disgustingly obese kids and their hugely fat parents. Now, before you get all politically correct on me and trumpet, "…Yet another case of fat-bashing by a cardio beach bunny mother who flings herself into 37 hours of […]

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Alarmingly Awesome Adventures of the AnimeNext Convention Mom!

All together now… I *survived!* Yes indeed, MamaBear managed to rouse her several-centuries of wisdom and existence and survive from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon…. The 2011 AnimeNext Convention! Now, I'm sure you're all wondering what the highlight of that gala event was. Wonder no more, gentle reader, here it is! Yes, on the last […]

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Things like THIS make parenting humbling

It's not many things that can stop MamaBear in her tracks except okay, a train will definitely do that, a Mack Truck could possibly do that, a horde of maniac stampeding moose will definitely give her pause…)! Seriously.  My 15+ years of parenting anything and everything from EmoKid to SpaceAlien to FaerieFighter to you name […]

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11 Breathtaking Ways To Excite Your Kid About Cleaning

QUICK! MamaBear has to warn you *bigtime*. While there are many ways in which her kids are utterly more magnificent than a free year's supply of Krispy Kreme maple-frosted sinfully yummy donuts, she has to admit… They were all born minus the Clean Gene. Heck, they were born sans the Neat Gene as well! MamaBear […]

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RANT – I Utterly HATE Doormat Children and Adults!

It's time for the annual/monthly/every blue moon time for a tremendous MamaBear Rant!  (oh, and the doormat you see on this post – it's from ). This time, allow MamaBear to sit back, down 27 cups of coffee and muse on one of the biggest plagues of modern civilization: Doormat children and adults! Hardly […]

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Share Wisdom about the Tiananmen Square Massacre 22 years ago with your kids today

A moment of silence please…. Today is the 22nd year anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre that happened on June 4th, 1989. It saddens MamaBear, it really does, when she talks to asian kids in their teens and twenties and realizes, their parents never took the time to teach them about this rather dark episode […]

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How To Raise A Bonafide Space Alien

It isn't easy, you know. Space aliens have their own entire Best Area Practices when it comes to maximizing their potential! Just like you should never approach nuclear physics without a strong sense of caution, or just like you cannot force fish to relish the wide open spaces…. You soon learn that raising a space […]

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“My child bites. Help!”

From the mailbag: "Dear MamaBear, My child bites.  How do I get her stop? Sincerely, Holey Dad" Dear HD, MamaBear adores  questions like this, because the answer is 'way 'way 'way simpler than teaching children to appreciate raspberry Pixie Straws! Simply put… When your child bites someone…*you* bite your child. I told you it was […]

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Behold My New Name: “Not My Problem” Mom! (Dealing With Whining)

Sigh. Sometimes MamaBear thinks that life would be ever so much easier if Free Will was totally removed from my kids' vocabulary. Wouldn't that be a blissful paradise indeed? Instead, let's see…I could replace it with: "Do what you're supposed to do without fail so I can finally slow down the generation of grey hairs […]

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