Things like THIS make parenting humbling

It's not many things that can stop MamaBear in her tracks except okay, a train will definitely do that, a Mack Truck could possibly do that, a horde of maniac stampeding moose will definitely give her pause…)!


My 15+ years of parenting anything and everything from EmoKid to SpaceAlien to FaerieFighter to you name it…

I truly do get complacent in thinking that nothing could possibly stun my neurons except maybe my boys actually eating their lunch instead of letting it hide snuggly in their backpacks for 17 days before remembering it!

And then I picked up HD1 from school about half an hour ago.

We were discussing various and sundry aspects of life as Lings know it, I gave my responses to her questions, and she said:

"Mom, you are just Superwoman, you know?   If Superman was a woman and had 4 kids and two mooses and just made the world a better place again and again all the time, that's who you'd be."

Talk about being stunned.

Parenting can be truly heart-wrenching, indeed, but when it comes together….


It just makes the world shine.  🙂

So grateful for my kids.

Parent powerfully,

— Mama Bear

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