No Dear, The Rapture Does NOT Mean “No Chores”

It's morning time and let me tell you, MamaBear is more growly than a high school teacher that's beset by the lawyer parents of students who missed the entire year but still expect an A.

Last night, HB1 insisted to me that he would remember his chores (in this case, bravely tackling the sink dishes).  He had the audacity to get rather miffed that I insinuated he might forget!

Being willing to experience a downright freakin' miracle, I graciously gave in and told him I will trust his judgment.

Got up at 11:40pm to walk the mooses…..and what did my little eye spy?

You got it!

Attack Of The 50 FT Dish Stacking From Hell!

Rapture or not, kid, you do *not* miss your chores. 

So…I ventured to where he was sleeping, and amazingly, he woke up when I entered the room.  His explanation was, "Oh right, Mom, see, I was juuuuust a little bit tired you know so I decided to take a little bit of a nap and I guess I kinda sorta fell asleep!"

Given that I was virtually sleep-walking myself, I restrained myself from bringing him back to the kitchen to finish his chores….but will let him know this morning, if it happens again, he gets up and completes them no matter what time.



I'll be right now he's thinking, Stupid Rapture….  🙂

Parent well,


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