How To Talk To Your Kids So They Actually *Listen*

Have you ever wished your kids would truly listen to what you have to share?

It can be tougher than moving the Pyramids with chopsticks!

But…one thing MamaBear has found out – it's most doable indeed.

And here's how.

Listen to your kids *first*.

While true, we *are* the parents and children *should* listen unquestioningly to our magnificent brilliance, the fact does remain.

People will be more willing to listen to you and *not* tune you out if you ensure you walk that particular talk yourself.

This is something about which I'm very proud regarding raising my kids; I've been told by HD1 that no matter how much I disagree with her ideas, she knows I *will* always listen respectfully to them.

Even if I think they're weirder than albino mooses  that drive Mack Trucks on the Ice Road…I'll *listen*.

She knows that I might not agree, mind you, but the fact remains…I *listen*.

It's a two way street, of course.

Sometimes, kids will say their piece, you'll respond, and they'll try to cut you off.

That, of course, isn't acceptable either.

The art of respectful conversation goes both ways!  Not only do you have to learn how to listen well…you have to teach your child these skills too.

Here's what I do when things go bananas for my children.

  • Step 1.)  I listen to their first 2 or 3 sentences.
  • Step 2.)  I then repeat back to them, what it is I think they said.
  • Step 3.)  I'll then ask them, did I get this right?  Am I missing anything?
  • Step 4.)  Rinse and repeat until both sides understand from where the other is coming.

Make no mistake about it – this can be tedious and painful in the extreme!

But given time, it can work out beautifully indeed.

Once your kids have seen that you listen, you can then tell them, "I give you the courtesy of listening to your issues; please now do the same for me."

After all, you've already walked the walk you talk; unless you've raised your kids to be selfish little brats, chances are, they'll listen far more than they've done in the past.

Why not try the technique today? 

MamaBear parents know that even if they're supreme…their kids deserve the respect of having their views heard and considered.

It definitely will make future parenting 'way easier.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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