How MMORPGs Can Make Family Life Perfect Together

Have you ever heard of video games? Or computer games? Better yet, do your kids go bananas over playing games like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft, Warcraft and others? Heh, if so….you'll love this post! You see, it all started when HS1 and HS2 decided to play Minecraft. Ummm, it's kinda sorta a game where […]

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The Brilliantly Secret Use For IKEA You NEVER Even Considered

I know, I know…. Summer time is almost over, and your kids are clamoring for one last exciting adventure! Well, if you're in MamaBear's family, you do the non-obvious, of course. Which in our case means….taking the kids to IKEA! Yes, IKEA.  The furniture store. Confused?  So was I, until I realized just how much […]

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RANT – Parents Who Allow Sibling Rivalry To Escalate Into Sibling Abuse

You know, there's a few things that really frost MamaBear's petunias. One of them is sibling abuse. Sibling abuse is a horrible secret in many families and, left unchecked, can truly scar your children with memories that will simply never ever disappear. Often, parents are either unaware of the abuse that's going on, or choose […]

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Gentle Effective Way To Help Your Child Learn Empathy

If there's one thing MamaBear hates regarding her fellow human beans, it's how sooo many of them will never step up to the plate for their friends unless proactively asked (and sometimes, even then). Think about it.  Have you ever been so distraught and so overwrought with issues and challenges that taking a long walk […]

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How To Make Your Children Truly Appreciate Each Other More Than Gourmet Coffee

Being utterly, mind-bogglingly brilliant. It does have its disadvantages!!  As HS1 just found out. MamaBear was reminded of this when HS2 came bounding up to her, showed her a balloon that smelled rather nice and said, "Look Mom!  I used air freshener to blow it up!" Talk about creativity! Bizarreness, too, mind you, but as […]

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Fixing Your Drama Queen Kids When Their Self-Punishment Goes Overboard

Consequences. Annoying deserved consequences. You know, giving consequences for dippy actions is something I can completely support! For 3 out of 4 of MamaBear's kids, it works beyond perfectly.  Said kid acts more idjutotic than a drunk moth testing out the heat of a nuclear flame, said kids receive appropriate consequences, and life just goes […]

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How To STOP Brother and/or Sister Teasing From Destroying Your Family

MamaBear has some words of wisdom for you, she really does. And it's this. Never ever *ever* get between her and her 38th cup of coffee in the morning! Truly, attempting this foolhardy adventure is more dangerous than testing the tensile strength of a Mylar balloon via the edge of a brand new machete. But […]

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When BLATANT Bribery Works As An Awesome Parenting Tool

My gosh, is it the morning already? MamaBear has awakened, poked her nose out of her lair and decided that a 3-year long winter sleep would be most beneficial indeed! Alas, as she has to rouse her cubs to school and continue with her writing and blogging…the chances of that happening are less than 3 […]

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3 Can’t Fail Techniques to Compel Your Children To Actually UNDERSTAND One Another

It's the Memorial Day weekend! And that means it's time for yet another episode of that exciting show, "How can we misunderstand and unfairly take offense at our siblings today?" Yes indeed, while other families are enjoying exciting BBQs outside and opening their pools, MamaBear's cubs realized they could either get along and play nicely, […]

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Hell Froze Over And Incredible Kid Compassion Emerged

Well now, today has been most character-building to the extreme for MamaBear. Suffice it to say, our house is not exactly the neatest on the block.  'Matter of fact, I'd say that along with missing the gene for idjutness, our family was born starkly minus the Clean Gene. Normally, this doesn't bother me much; whenever […]

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