“Where can I find reading software?”

From the mailbag: "Dear Mama Bear, I really want my 4 year old to start reading.  How can I help with that?  What softwares are available? Anonymous" Dear A, While I applaud you wanting to teaching your child how to read, 4 might be a wee bit too early. Might not, mind you, but don't […]

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“My kid hates reading, help!”

From the mailbag: "Dear Mama Bear, My kid, age 7, absolutely hates reading.  How can I get her interested in it? Sincerely, Anne from Florida" Dear Anne, MamaBear really hears you on this! Reading can be a tremendous delight and all around fantastic activity, but if the kid actively *hates* it, she'll really be missing […]

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Ed Helper Rocks

Have you ever wanted to give your kid some excellent academic enrichments? If so, one of the best, all around resources is EdHelper During Camp Ling, I have been known to print out daily challenges in all aspects of academics, including Math, Latin, story-writing and much much more. It's been now $19.97/year since, wow, gee….2002 […]

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