The Highly Effective 2 Step Cure For Habitual School Lateness

All together now…

It's morning time!

And you know what that means, gentle reader, right?

It means it's time for MamaBear to raise her hopeful eyes to the heavens and beseech the cosmos the following, age-old question:

"Why, oh why, oh *why* is not fresh-brewed coffee as plentiful as oxygen??"

Yes yes, it's okay, I hear you weep with me!

But I digress.  🙂

Actually,  MamaBear is feeling rather peachy today, even tending towards apricotyness – for she has uncovered a secret cure that is so utterly astonishing, she is confident the late night infomercials will soon start stampeding to her door!


It's even more glorious than:

It's even more revolutionary than:

Heck, it even blows away:

Yes indeed, I am expecting huge amounts of gratuitous wealth to come screaming through my moose-nose-printed windows at any moment.


And why, I hear you ask?

"Why oh why, MamaBear, should the heavens part and bestow upon you such glorious goodness?"

I'll tell you why!

It's because I just cured HS1 from his charming habit of leaving everything to the last minute when it comes to getting to school on time!

And it took only two steps!

Here's what happened.

I had just finished wrasslin' up the mooses (read, asking HD1 and HD2 to walk them).

HD2 asked me if she could be dropped off before HS1 today, as she had massive amounts of work to do.

"Of course!" I chirped in response, and reminded HS1 that we had to leave a bit earlier.

Cue in…the gargantuan ghosts of ferocious forgetfulness!

See, HS1 realized he had a concert TODAY at 9:30am and OMGOSH where's my white shirt and OH NO there's a STAIN on it and MOM! I can't find my critical THINGAMABOB and HELP MOM I just need to get my black pants and OMG MOM I can't FIND my black pants and……

And people think I have no life.


Because I always let my cubs take ownership of their (lack of) actions, I simply wished him luck and went outside to wait for him in the car with HD2.

Who, I might add, was doing a slow burn…..

Because she was now going to be late. 🙁

Can you say, consequences?

HS1 finally did pull himself together and get to the moose mobile in 283 scarcely attached pieces, mind you.  And then while driving to school, he informed me he was majorily stressed because, and I quote:

"It's really stressful, Mom, leaving everything to the last minute!"

I really did have to smile because, you know…he's right.  🙂

He didn't blame me or his sister, he took total ownership of his actions…and was simply now stating the facts.

The thing is, though…his lack of preparation did adversely affect HD2.

So he will be doing HD2's chores today and possibly tomorrow as a consequence.

So what's my highly effective 2 step cure for school lateness?

It's this.

Step 1.)  Instill in your children, they *own* their actions.

  • Not you.
  • Not their siblings.

They own them.  Lock, stock and barrel.

And when their actions hurt others, consequences get involved.

Step 2.)  Spell out said consequences, and then….follow up.

Nothing is more ineffective than threatening consequences and then wimping out.

Sure, you know and I know and reality TV shows know that there really is no bad intentions when your kids mess up in organization skills.

The fact is, though, it really might affect others than themselves like their siblings.

Their siblings, of course, are equally important!

So when their actions hurt their siblings (or you, or your spouse, or anyone, actually)….

They need to be hit with consequences then and there.

Because, you see….

Life ain't a picnic basket filled with gourmet coffee, you know!

All actions have effects.

And if they drop the ball, they need to internalize that they feel the discomfort as well.

Now, it may take several repetitions because HS1 actually gets it thru his Einstein noggin that "Jeepers!  Mom is serious, even with all of my charm and astonishing good looks!"

But staying the course will show him that in no uncertain terms.

So…if your child constantly leaves things to the last minute, and causes strife within your family because of it….

Try what worked for me.

You never know…it might be the beginning of stress-free mornings for you!  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – the upshot of this?  HS1 called me a few minutes ago to tell me, Jeepers Mom, I goofed.  The concert…it's tonight at 7pm.

Gotta love kids….  🙂

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