Tell Your Child Today – *This* is precious

Sometimes our kids take big huge bunches of things for granted.

And sometimes our kids let their drama queen tendencies get out of control.

And sometimes our kids hold onto mis-communications and misinterpreted intentions with both fists, 10 toes and an earlobe or two to boot.

Tell your kids today – life is precious.

And they're not invincible.

Death can strike them at a moment's notice….or their friends.

If they're hurting because of what friends say/do, or if they're mad because of what friends *did*, there's a possibility that miscommunications might play a huge part in their sad feelings.

But we've all failed mind-reading 101….so only talking things out will compel friends to understand.

So…encourage your children to remember how precious their lives are…and to mend bridges today.

You never know if tomorrow might be too late.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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