The Easiest Way To Deal With Tantrums In Stores

Mama Bear is generally very good-natured indeed.  Just ask her cubs.


There ARE something things guaranteed to really frost her petunias, y'know?

If there's one thing that makes Mama Bear growl with extreme frustration and dismay, it's seeing the hordes of horribly-behaved little spoiled twits out there in retail stores who throw screaming tantrums because their parents have the audacity (gasp!) to tell them the facts of life.

The plain simple fact is…kids need boundaries.

They need to be taught that should they choose to act like rabid warthogs, they'll suffer the consequences.

Shame how few parents actually force this line.

That being said, the easiest way to deal with tantrums in the store is to simply….pack up the screaming kid and (get this!) walk out.

(Ideally, of course, you can flag a store employee that you'll return for your cart, mind you.)

When you grow the motherly balls to force your children to experience consequences, you'll find out…golly, they start to listen and to learn.

But you have to take ownership of that *first*.

When you fail to be strong, when instead you give in to your screaming brat's desires, all you're doing is showing said screaming brat that it's *they* who possess the power….and not *you*.

Not a good message at all!

This will only set yourself up for even more trying times as your screaming brat becomes an overbearing jerk of a teenager.

Stomp on poor behavior *now*…your future sanity will thank you for it.

— Mama Bear

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