Taming the Excruciatingly Painful Ghosts Of Your Past

You wanna know what one of the most challenging aspects of growing up is? Not just for your children…but you yourself as well? It's simple to name but oooooooooh so difficult to embrace. And that, of course, are the: Excruciatingly painful ghosts of your past. And MamaBear ain't just talkin' 'bout the paranormal or the […]

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Empathy Requires Compassion

Here's something that's on MamaBear's mind this morning. You got kids? Great! You got kids who have to interact with the world? Mmmmhmmm. Well, consider this. One of the biggest skills that MamaBear teaches her cubs is to walk in others' shoes before slamming on the "OMG you're an utter idjut!" hat to their friends. […]

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