“How can I help my kid learn how to use Google?”

From the mailbag: "Dear MamaBear, My kids will be starting middle school soon, and I want to give them a good edge. Knowing how to find stuff online is the first step, I think. I've heard that you can use Google in ways that aren't well-known…do you know anything about that? Thank you, Anon" Dear […]

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Smart Mommy, Daddy & Parent Bloggers, Kids … and Google Circles

Brief, pithy and to the point…. Have you heard of Google Circles? It's Google's attempt social networking to kill off Facebook, and from what MamaBear has seen…it sure will give them a run for their money! I wrote an indepth article about it over at my business blog, 17 Awesome Quick Simple How-To Resources and […]

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Immediately Protect Your Teen Children By Bursting The Dangerous Internet Filter Bubble

<yawn><stretch><growl> Well hello there! You caught Mama Bear after she's been awake now since 4am, powerfully hacking up her site to add ever more goodies for you.  Today, for example, I just finished adding a new tasty Fitness Store – do feel free to check it out whenever you'd like! But that's not the topic […]

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