Deflating Children

Are your children overweight?

If so, just what are you doing about it?

Here's what I'm doing about it!

Luckily, my kids aren't vastly overweight, or even really overweight at all.  HS2, however, did inherit my metabolism…the one that causes me to easily gain unless I either exercise, eat healthy, or both.

Recently, I've noticed a definite pudginess around HS2's face.  Realizing this is the beginning of the road to Bad Decisions, I told him (and HD2 as well) the following.

"Kids, the plain fact is….along with my utter godlike brains and beauty, you also inherited my utterly lousy metabolism.  And the fact is….we're all starting to put on weight.

So!  It's time to revisit eating healthy and exercising once again!  But you do need to know – HD1 and HS1 take after Dad, so they don't have the same issues.  Thus, they might get more desserts than we do…these things happen."

And you know what they said when they learned their siblings wouldn't have to work as hard?

"That's fine Mom, we understand."


I think the fact I included meself in the buckling-down health-wise had a hugely positive impact as well.

Which brings me to the point of this post!

If your children are ballooning up, you owe it to them to rein them in and help them learn food self-control.

And if this means you yourself have to be deprived….that's fine!

It's what parents *do*.

I'm happy to announce the 3 of us are already seeing results!

Every day, we do Dance Dance Revolution for 45 minutes or so, and I either indoors bike or lift weights etc.  The kids really enjoy seeing their DDR ability improve; it's truly a tremendous thing to see how they all get along together.

Want some tips about helping your kid get fit?  Check out:

Remember, children have no incentive generally to eat well and stay strong, so it's up to you to make it so.

They'll thank you in the future.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about Dance Dance, have you seen:

How To Compel Your Kids To Crave Fitness

Do you have lazy kids this summer?

Ever wish they'd move more muscles than a mouse?

Yep, me too (in the past, that is).

But did you know that virtually every parent can turn the switch on within their kids to *want* better health?

It's easy.

Here's how.

Walk the walk you talk.

As a parent, it's your job to provide a fantastic role-model to your children.  And if you're a fat tub of moss-encrusted adult who moves less than anchored mussels in the bay, chances are….

That's what you're teaching your children too.

Reality is hell, aye?

But if you haul yourself out of your chair, go to your kids and say,

  • "Kids!  Join me on a walk!"


  • "Kids!  Let's weed the outdoor gardens together!"


  • "Kids!  It's a great day to hit the roller-skating rink – into the car!"

and gosh-darn *force* the issue, your kids will have no choice *but* to follow your decree.

That's the first step (actually getting them moving).

But to make them want to do this a second time, you have to ….

Make it fun.

Make no mistake about it – if you're more out of shape than a decrepit jumbo jet (like I was, back in 2006), exercising is *tough*.

But!  When you're with your children and loved ones, you can control the atmosphere and make them smile.


It takes a hell of a lot of effort, I do not deny this.

But when your children see you're walking the walk you talk, it becomes something that's not a chore…but even something smart people just plain *do*.

This is one reason why I took karate next to my kids for 3 straight years (the only mom in the kids class too!  🙂  ) and ended up earning my black belt last May.

It's another reason why even though I can't jog whatsoever anymore, I'll still just plain *walk* with my kids when the opportunity affords itself.

Sure, it would be easy to tell them, do as I say…and not as I do!

But that's not what parenting is all about.

So if you want your children to get a great start in their personal health….give them someone to emulate.


It can be the beginning a fantastic new phase in their lives.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear