Deflating Children

Are your children overweight? If so, just what are you doing about it? Here's what I'm doing about it! Luckily, my kids aren't vastly overweight, or even really overweight at all.  HS2, however, did inherit my metabolism…the one that causes me to easily gain unless I either exercise, eat healthy, or both. Recently, I've noticed […]

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How To Compel Your Kids To Crave Fitness

Do you have lazy kids this summer? Ever wish they'd move more muscles than a mouse? Yep, me too (in the past, that is). But did you know that virtually every parent can turn the switch on within their kids to *want* better health? It's easy. Here's how. Walk the walk you talk. As a […]

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And what’s YOUR favorite hobby?

HD2, obviously, takes after MamaBear….  🙂

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