Kids Weapons – A True Karate Master of the Bo-Staff!

So many great things you can do with a bo…. Click on the comic above to see it all!

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Biting Ballad of Both the Brilliant and Brainless Karate Parents

Yesterday, MamaBear had the spine-tingling excitement of attending the local Karate tournament and watching paint dry! Well, no, I really didn't, but what should have taken perhaps, oh, say, 3 hours, ended up lasting until 8:10pm.  Given that I had gotten up at 2am yesterday morning, my oh my….that was *not* the epitomy of delightfulness […]

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When Karate Tournaments Get Boring

Today's Molly was drawn by HD1 – I was at the karate tournament yesterday and let me tell you, I've seen more exciting adventures regarding paint drying in comparison. So…I asked HD1 to amuse me with her take on Molly Muffin.  The below is her response.  🙂 Yes, that's me up there, sleeping on the […]

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