Tell Your Child Today – Take *control*

Sometimes our kids feel most helpless indeed.

And that makes sense, of course….they're only *kids*!

Still, however….they *can* take control of things by the following plan.

Take *ownership* of their actions…and *change* the game.

Are they unhappy with how a friend has treated them?

  • Have them bring it out in the open.

Do they hate doing their chores?

  • Explain to them that they might hate the sun rising…but that doesn't change the fact it's going to happen anyways.  They choose how to react.

Do they feel you never listen?

  • Tell them to confront you calmly and bring it up.

In other words…

Today tell your children that they do *not* have to bow to all the pressures around them…they can *choose* how to act and how to change the game.

It's a very compelling philosophy indeed.

Parent powerfully,

Mama Bear

ps – speaking about taking control, have you seen some goodies for parents too?

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