Today’s Stunning Entrepreneurial Posts – 08/23/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also one of the pioneers of successful Internet marketing too!

Enjoy my business posts of today.

Disaster Preparedness Affiliate Marketing


Ever wonder what are the most wished for disaster preparedness thingees? And ever want to make money from it? Wonder no more!  See what they are for yourself….and then scroll down below to learn how you can add any suite of products, complete with your own affiliate ID embedded…in less than 20 seconds. #1: […]

It shouldn’t take an EARTHQUAKE to smack you upside the head and tell you THIS.

Well. There I was, sitting in my office, writing up the next all-powerful magnificent blazingly brilliant post of mine, when I noticed…. My house. It was shaking. And my chandelier! It was swaying. In other words….earthquake! Well, actually, the earthquake turned out to be 200 miles or so south of me in Virginia..

Tell Yourself Today – Brass Plated Balls Rock!

Sometimes… Standing up for what's *right* is harder than beating an maddened 450 pound Sumo wrestler when you resemble a slumbering Taco Bell Chihuahua. But you know…that's still no excuse to stay quiet… When horrible things are being done. Thus…


Ling Marketing Rule #846 – Never place….

Truer words…were never spoke….

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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