Today’s Entrepreneuring Posts – 08/15/2011

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a veteran entrepreneur (of 14+ years!).

Enjoy today's posts!

Coffee Maker Affiliate Marketing


Wonder what's the bestselling coffee makers these days? Wonder no more!  And scroll down to the end to see how I was able to grab all these great goodies with my own affiliate ID embedded!

The EASIEST Sure-Fire Way To Empower Yourself To Infinity and Beyond

empowerQuick! Sit very quiet and answer me the following very important question. Ready? Alrighty, it's…this. "Are you a big fat jerk?" Hmmm? Oh wait…I didn't give you my current criteria for jerkiness! Let me share with you that….

Why Witnesses Refuse To Talk

So reminds me of corporate politics…


Sometimes we put off stuff that's difficult.

It could be that we're afraid to rock the boat.

Or maybe that we don't yet have the courage to tackle a new business venture.

Or even that we're just unsure of how we'll be received….


Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about businesses and stuff, have you seen:


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