Secret Magic Molly Genie!

And you thought you knew genies….

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The TRUE Undeniable Alpha Male

I know guys like this, don't you?  🙂 Click above to see the entire post!

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When Taken *LITERALLY* Is A Very Bad Thing

Ever say something like this?  🙂 Click above to see the entire comic!

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Baby Molly!

They all grow up sooooo soon…..  🙂

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Things I Know About Coffee

So there I was, surfing about online, procrastinating my little heart over updating various sites, when all of a sudden, I wrote a very long run-on sentence! 'Matter of fact, you just read it.  🙂 Seriously though, I moseyed onto: Things I Know! and immediately realized….this called for a worshipful post about…. Coffee. The substance […]

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Can You Keep A Secret?

What happens when you make a secret and put it into a bag?

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Forced Skateboarding!

I could so imagine enticing my friends this way…. Click above to see the entire comic!

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Pretty on the outside doesn’t mean smart on the inside!

It's always what's on the inside that's important!

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Murphy’s Law on White Water Rafting

I can soooooo relate… Click on the above comic to see it entirely!

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What every kid thinks about skateboarding fails

I vividly remember becoming one with road rash too….  🙂 Click above to see the entire comic!

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