What Would Lincoln Do? A Celebration of a Life Cut Off Too Soon….

Life is precious…and sometimes it's gone 'way too soon.

On 8/13/11, I had written the following memorial post:

In Memory of Lincoln High (8/24/93 – 8/13/11)

Briefly, Lincoln High was a 17 year old fellow sword student who died in a freak accident in the Poconos.  You can read more about it this tragedy at:

But now…I want to write about how we all celebrated his life, how he touched thousands of people, and what you simply *need* to take away from this.

A few days ago, there was a candelight vigil for Lincoln at his NJ High School.  And the main theme for what everyone said about the young man was:

"Lincoln….loved life.  He loved people.  He loved God.  He especially loved making people happy, and going out of his way to bring a smile to those who needed it."

If people were down, he'd send messages like:

His Youth Ministry leader commented that everything you could say about love, you could say about Lincoln.

  • Lincoln is kind.
  • Lincoln does not envy.
  • Lincoln is patient.
  • Lincoln keeps no records of wrongs.
  • Lincoln always protects, Lincoln always trusts.
  • Lincoln never fails.

And I can honestly say, Lincoln walked the walk he talked above and beyond what 99.99989% of other mortals would do.

Here was the settings before the service started.  I love how the sun shines at the left….

Lincoln High

and here's a picture of the rainbow that bathed the church after his funeral.


Here's the sunset at the vigil:


Here's some of the candlelight vigil:

Candlelight vigil

In short…

Lincoln was a young man who was truly beloved by thousands.

Yesterday would have been Lincoln's 18th birthday, and in celebration of that fact, all who knew of him went to TGI Fridays to remember him.

You can read about the event here….

Here's some of recaps:

Unable to get to a TGIF, but honoring Lincoln with brownies and snickerdoodles at Karate class in Kansas.

Lincoln karate

Lincoln's Birthday Party

Lincoln BD party

Lincoln's birthday celebration in Freehold, NJ

Lincoln Freehold

And our own sword group celebration of Lincoln's birthday in Hazlet, NJ.

Lincoln Hazlet

"Special"….it just doesn't describe how Lincoln touched so many people in his short, short life.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Life…you never know when it will be snatched away from you.

So the very best thing you can do is live your life such that you're an inspiration to others…and make the world a better place by the simple fact…you're in it.

It's something truly worthy to pass on to your children….today.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – Enjoy this video tribute to Lincoln below.

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