What Would Lincoln Do? A Celebration of a Life Cut Off Too Soon….

Life is precious…and sometimes it's gone 'way too soon. On 8/13/11, I had written the following memorial post: In Memory of Lincoln High (8/24/93 – 8/13/11) Briefly, Lincoln High was a 17 year old fellow sword student who died in a freak accident in the Poconos.  You can read more about it this tragedy at: […]

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Unexpected things like THIS make parenting glorious

I hope you're sitting down for this… MamaBear, for once in her venerable life…was knocked speechless. As in, MamaBear just sat and stared dumbly at the text that was beaming into her soul from her Verizon phone. It's all good mind you!  Let me first give you some background… I'm part of a family with […]

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Empathy Requires Compassion

Here's something that's on MamaBear's mind this morning. You got kids? Great! You got kids who have to interact with the world? Mmmmhmmm. Well, consider this. One of the biggest skills that MamaBear teaches her cubs is to walk in others' shoes before slamming on the "OMG you're an utter idjut!" hat to their friends. […]

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