Unexpected things like THIS make parenting glorious

I hope you're sitting down for this…

MamaBear, for once in her venerable life…was knocked speechless.

As in, MamaBear just sat and stared dumbly at the text that was beaming into her soul from her Verizon phone.

It's all good mind you!  Let me first give you some background…

I'm part of a family with several siblings, you see.  And while growing up, things could have been a weeee bit better between my siblings and me (which is one reason why I am so insane about my kids loving and supporting one another; I refuse to tolerate any nastiness from one child to another and tend to make any instigator wish she or he had chosen to scrub toilet bowls with their fingernails instead.  But I digress.  🙂  ).

That was then, this now, and things generally are quite well with my siblings these days.

Anywhos, said siblings came by to visit me parents and I dropped on by as well.  'Twas most excellent to see them again, so I snapped a picture of them with my camera phone and sent it to HD1 and HD2.

HD1 immediately responded:

"They still can't match up to the best of your parents' kids, even together."

Talk about being struck speechless.

Magnificent godlike person that I am today, I will admit…I still do have various and sundry ghosts that are lurking within my psyche. 

They generally remain hidden like good little ghosties, but every now and then they'll emerge with a vengeance and wreak havoc on my life.

But this time….wow.

What HD1 wrote – it arrowed straight and true to my heart….and really made my day.

When kids internalize appreciating one another, and then proactively apply that to their parents – my gosh, that's gold.

Plain and simple.

HD1 rocks!

Parent well,

Mama Bear

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