Tell Your Child Today – Nightmare Benefits

Sometimes…our kids have really really bad dreams.

They can even swell into gargantuan nightmares of Godzilla-like proportions…and wreak havoc on them once they awaken in the morning.

But…there's always a silver lining in a nightmare…and it's this.

Bad dreams can result from your child's inner fears of "what if", and cause them to "live out", so to say, their worst fears.

However, because it's in their dreams, they're *not* experiencing the physical manifestations in real life.

The emotional toll, however, is just as dramatic.

So your kids get the benefit of experiencing something terrifying in complete reality safety.

Why is this a good thing?

Well, once the emotions die down, you can debrief with your children what they thought the dream might have meant, and more importantly, how they can use that knowledge in future life challenges.

Thus, when your children wake up from bad dreams, hold them close, go over what it might have meant…and then talk about how they can use what they experienced to help them cope with whatever might come at them later on in life.

It's a very scary thing to do, yes…but also….extremely empowering to boot.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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