Week 2, Day 3 Camp Ling – Critical Thinking!

I have to admit….

So far, Camp Ling is moving along quite swimmingly indeed!

Yesterday, I invested in a years' subscription to EdHelper, and printed out the clan's Algebra and math handouts.  It went rather well!

And today, HS1 reminded me that he really likes critical thinking breakfast homework like:

Michael, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Matthew, Nicholas, and Kevin each ate something different for breakfast. One had sausages, one had a melon, one had muffins, one had pancakes, one had a bagel, and one had yogurt for breakfast.

What did each person have for breakfast?

1.    Alexandra did not have a bagel for breakfast.
2.    Michael did not have a bagel for breakfast.
3.    Elizabeth did not have sausages or a melon for breakfast.
4.    Elizabeth likes to eat either sausages or muffins for breakfast.
5.    Michael did not have a melon for breakfast.
6.    Only Elizabeth and Kevin like meat for breakfast.
7.    Alexandra likes to eat either a melon or a bagel for breakfast.
8.    Matthew did not have a bagel for breakfast.
9.    Nicholas likes to eat either yogurt or a bagel for breakfast.
10.    Matthew did not have yogurt for breakfast.
11.    Kevin did not have muffins or a melon for breakfast.
12.    Alexandra did not have pancakes or muffins for breakfast.
13.    Michael likes to eat either yogurt or pancakes for breakfast.

So I'm making sure to add that as well.  🙂

One fantastic adventure *did* happen yesterday; the heat was supposed to soar to 100 degrees (methinks it went only to 95, but hey), and HS1 decided he wanted to….

  • Test himself.
  • By walking the library.
  • Which is 2.1 miles away.

Now, I am personally thrilled whenever any of my kids want to test their endurance, so I canceled my own afternoon activities, whipped up some ice water, and the two of us bravely strode to the library at 1pm.


HS1 handled it beautifully!

Highlights included a great mom/son talk about everything under the sun, not to mention:


We love fresh raspberries!!

But I digress.  🙂

Today should be most quiet – ran the mooses, I printed out the work…and we'll see how things go.  🙂  Looking forward to calmness and peace!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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