“My child must be raised Jewish but my husband is interfering.”

From the mailbag:

"Dear MamaBear,

I'm Jewish and my husband is Catholic.  We had agreed before that our children would be raised in the Jewish faith.

Well, now that our sons are old enough, he wants to take them to his church!

That  was never part of the bargain.

How can I convince him he's wrong?


Dear A,

Oh, ouchies.

Lots of empathy to both you and your husband!

I would ask you to consider the following…

When you were both childless, it certainly would be easy to say how you'd raise your children.  But once they're definitive little people, wouldn't you think that one's own faith/culture (in this case, your husband's) would surface?

Religion is an intensely personal thingee.  And while your husband might have agreed then, the reality…is *now*.

I personally think you're being extremely unfair if you're forbidding your husband to teach his father to your children. 

After all, they're his children too!  'Course, MamaBear thinks that kids should choose their own religion once they're old enough to make  an informed decision, but that's a whole 'nother topic entirely.  🙂

But what *I* think is irrelevant.  What works for you and your husband and your kids…that's what's best.

Perhaps the two of you can compromise and teach both aspects of Judaism and Christianity to your children?

After all, you can only suggest and lead…you should not brainwash or insist.

And maybe your children will be able to tell you which faith appeals to them…the most.

It's worth a shot, aye?

Thus speaks…MamaBear

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