“Where do you get fuse beading supplies?”

From the mailbag:

"Dear MamaBear,

On your post about the anime convention, you mentioned you made bead art.  My daughter was given a kit for that awhile ago, but I never knew you could really make something so large and beautiful?

Where can I get the patterns and material you did?


Joan from Long Island"

Dear JfLI,

Ooo, an arts and crafts question!

MamaBear loves those.  🙂

You're talking about this post:


You can learn more about that project over at my business site, I had blogged about it at

I tend to make art like I write software or cook gourmet dishes; I cast my mind to the Universe and see how the universe responds!  In this particular case, I simply printed out the image at a much bigger size, taped all of the pieces together, and then laid down the 9 interlocking tiles on top of it.

'Matter of fact, you can see my progress over at

That's the PixelGasm forum – you can learn a heck of a lot over there!

For the actual beading supplies themselves, I went over to

They are topnotch with their customer service, the speed in their delivery, and the colors/packages they offer!

You'll also need baking paper so you can iron your finished fused bead product, and, of course, an iron itself.  🙂

Beading is lots of fun – hope you have a blast with it!

Thus speaks…MamaBear

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